So it's been awhile...a LONG while

Well I haven't posted since October, I think the blog got lost somewhere along the way. The shop has come a long way in the last 7 months, suffering the lows and reaping the benefits of the high moments. I had 5 sales in October, 3 in November, 2 in December, 4 in January, 5 in February, 1 in March and not one since then. Safe to say, I started feeling the dark clouds coming and really was beginning to feel discouraged.

Life has definitely become busy, and hasn't allowed me to spend the time with my shop that I would like to. I figured that was the reason sales tanked, views tanked, everything tanked. I thought for sure my lack of twittering, facebooking, promoting etc. probably had alot to do with it, until I was reading through our team thread this month. My long time friend and fellow D Lister Mishelle (PinkyCrafts made a post about SEO/google and it's relation to your shop intro. In order for google to pick up your shop you need to have a quick description of whats in your shop in the first couple of sentences. That way when people do a search on google it'll pick up your shop. For instance, I googled "crochet kitchen towels" and on google shopping one of my listings showed up as #6 on the first page :) *giddy* safe to say I was really happy. Alot of times people pay good money to get in the higher rankings of search engines, I have not spent a dime on advertising other than business cards. Til this point it's been through free social media, word of mouth, and repeat buyers.

So the biggest point being that a basic change such as re-doing my shop intro boosted my traffic and views :) Believe it or not the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your shop, not to mention life in general! I'm hoping to be listing some new stuff here soon pending the weather and wind cooperate LOL

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