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I want to take a break from the craft fair series to talk about a few things i've learned recently. I figure why not share the wealth, teach others rather than being selfish :) Granted you can find all the same information i'm about to talk about on Google, but this makes it easy, all in one spot!

In the last week i've been spending alot of time working with my Google Analytics. Doing things like figuring out which days of the week are better for views, what times of the day are my best, keywords, landing pages etc. I can't take any credit for figuring that stuff out, i've either read about it in our Dteam Etsy thread, or found things via Google. One of the things i've found in my search to master GA I came across the official GA blog. Now this blog opened my eyes to a few new things, they have a series of posts called their "Back to Basics". Now I learned how to embed a code into my blog page to track my blog traffic in addition to my shop traffic. Before yesterday, I would have never thought about that!

The first and most recent post I read was called Back to Basics: Keyword/Landing Page Combinations. It teaches you the step by step on how to find out where people are "landing" in your shop, meaning what is the first page they're going to. It's incredibly helpful when trying to figure out what your more popular products are and how long on average people are spending there. Safe to say I jumped on that and added it to my dashboard reports :) I'm quite addicted to that particular thing now LOL.

The next post talks about saving things to your dashboard for quick access in the future. This is a pretty good time saving feature, instead of having to click 5 times, you'll only have to click once. Who doesn't like saving time?

The last one that I read that I really liked was the one that talked about how to set up GA on your blog. I hadn't blogged since may, and not once did it ever cross my mind to connect GA to my blog. Partially it was because my blog was covered in dust and cobwebs, and I didn't really have many followers. I figure now with doing more tutorial style stuff i.e. the craft fair series, and blogging more often it would be worth it to know where my traffic is coming from, and if i'm even getting traffic LOL

All of the posts are very informational and helpful, they take you through step by step so even those of you that aren't highly computer savvy could do it :)I hope this helps some of you. You can find the Google Analytics blog here

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