The Road to the Craft Fair #1

So in the few weeks since finding out about the CSN Fall Fun Fest i've been really excited and working super hard to build up inventory. I'd found a partner to share a booth with, which is nice because the costs are pretty high. Considering it's a 3 day show it's not too awful, but just my share comes out to about $169 with $50 of it being refundable. So knocking it down to $119 out of pocket for a 3 day venue, which brings it to about $40 a day, not too bad when you break it down. Unfortunately last night my partner had emailed me to let me know she wouldn't be able to participate. Ugh, safe to say I was quite disappointed. Here I was sitting 10 days away from the application deadline, no way to afford the full cost on my own, nor the ability to fill an entire 10x10 space. So, determined to find myself a partner I referenced back to our Etsy local team blog, found some email addresses and proceeded to email away. I woke up this morning to a response to one of my emails saying that her partner had to back out also and that she was still hoping to do the show as well. Excited I wrote her back and now we can get on our way to getting our application turned in and work can resume as normal. :)

Thus far i've done alot of research for this, i've never done a craft fair before and it's safe to say I was feeling very overwhelmed not knowing what I needed to have/do prior to the event. If you've ever done a craft show before you know what i'm talking about. Not only do you need tons of inventory, but business cards, banners, tables, coverings, displays, a tool box with extras and needed supplies etc. The list is rather endless and at first glance highly overwhelming. I'll be posting more about the list in future posts. Thank god I have 3 months until the show (it's in late October) Otherwise I think I would tear my hair out and what ended up being left would go grey LOL.

So far i've gotten some great things, Vistaprint is a great resource if you keep an eye out for their free specials. So far i've purchased a custom tshirt, labels for branding, business cards, and a banner for my booth, all together it cost about $35 with shipping...yeah I said it...I got all that cool stuff for $35, it pays to bargain shop! I still have yet to purchase a knuckle buster and slips which i'm purchasing from Mr. Imprinter, they have a deal where you get the knuckle buster, slips and custom imprinter plate for about $21 including shipping. I will also be signing up for Propay to be able to process credit cards, it simply is a merchant account to accept credit/debit cards, and they offer the premium account to Etsy folks for $30/yr, simple enough. I don't want to have to lose sales not being able to accommodate credit/debit cards.

I don't want to put all of the info i've found into this post as i'm trying to do an entire series on prepping for a craft fair, so keep your eye out for future postings :) Don't sweat the petty things, only pet the sweaty things! LOL

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Anna said...

I am so glad that you are doing this series of posts! It is hard to think of all the details that go into a major craft show. This will be a great resource for those of us who have yet to participate in a show.

The Hippie Chick Boutique said...

Well i'm glad it'll be useful! Not to mention it'll be nice to see the point of view of someone that's doing it for the first time!