Feeling Positive

So on wednesday I receive a message out of nowhere asking me if i'm able to fill a custom order. Of course i'm not going to decline! So I ask a few further questions to make sure that I correctly fill this woman's request and make her the happiest I can. Happy customers mean return business :) I receive the final correspondence thursday and happily truck it down to the store to find what I need. I find the most perfect towel in the world, yarn that matches perfectly in the color that she wants and the most awesome buttons. What she had requested was a Rooster towel set with autumn/fall type colors with a sage colored yarn. The buttons I found at JoAnn fabrics couldn't have matched better, they were cute little roosters that matched the rooster on the towel almost to a T. What kind of luck is that? My husband even said that these are my best ones yet. I'm really excited for the person to see them I hope she gets as excited about them as I am. Sorry about the crappy photos I took these with my phone...but will have the clean clear shots in the shop posting tomorrow.

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soulstone321.etsy.com said...

Oh how cute is that! She will love them!

The Hippie Chick Boutique said...

She wrote me back after she bought them and said she really liked them :) That always feels good. I'm just hoping she'll leave me feedback!