New Beginnings Part Deux :)

So after the series of events that happened yesterday (read previous posts) i'm happy to say that so far so good with the message board, we just need to get everyone there. A few have found it and we've posted some great questions and resources and i'm very excited about the things to come. I submitted to Etsy the team request with 112 names on the list...holy cow. I was so proud :) I learned some new things today thanks to my fellow D Listers, call me greatful! Anything new that can potentially help is awesome. I also posted my "Berry Sweet" Towel set today and started on what i'm going to call my "Dia De Los Skeleton" towel set #1 in black for my halloween items. I bought two sets, one orange and one black and both are extremely cute and i'm excited to get them finished and in the shop. I decided to do the black towels with orange yarn and the orange towels with black yarn FUN!

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