Starting the week with established goals

So after reading through the discussion on the message board I realize I need to set up a more organized way of tracking my activity on a daily basis. I know that some things get more attention than others and even some get left in the dust and forgotten. So today my first goal is to build a spreadsheet that I can use as a checklist for my day to day activities. I realize that I have alot to do and need to manage my time in a more finite way. I think that it would help me alot if I had a more established outline. Besides, what's wrong with a little organization? LOL First i'll write it down to make sure that I include everything that needs to be done, revise and then finalize. I may forget things...that's how I roll LOL but i'm sure everything will end up together in one space. Today is a busy day, I need to go to the grocery store too at some point today to pick up a few things, I also need to mail out my weekend orders. Ack. On a very positive note I received positive feedback on my 3rd sale today :) Hopefully #4 will be soon and 5 and 6 will come once the package i'm mailing today is received, should only be a couple of days since it's going to Tucson AZ :) I'm still a tad frustrated with the person that bought my first two sets, still no feedback from her :-/ that's rank. Anyways, off to do what needs to be done! I should have my washcloth flower pots posted by tomorrow!

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Jordan said...

Way to go on getting organized! And congrats on the sales!