I'm really curious about this site, I submitted my shop page, and a few individual items, let's see what it does. I came up with an idea to collect everyone's individual URL's to give thumbs up and try to drive traffic...hopefully that will help :)

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Stitches In Time said...

I could be wrong, since I'm new to this too, but i think the idea is to "thumb up" peoples shops and blogs and not their Stumbleupon pages. We want more traffic directed to the shops and blogs and by getting more thumbs up we increase our rating on SU, and get suggested to more people.

Again, could be wrong but that was my take on it.

Monkeeta said...

I'm having weird issues's removing my favorites when I click on new pages. Is anyone else having that issue?

The Hippie Chick Boutique said...

Thumbing up the individual item posts are good since A. those are links straight to peoples items in their shop. B. it's promoting those individual items and C. it's getting them in the shop period where they could be potentially looking at other things while there. What i've been doing is clicking the stuff...going to the page it takes me to and giving a thumbs up at that point.

Two Cats Creative said...

There is a huge thread in the Etsy forum somewhere about Stumbleupon. I'll try to find it if I can.

piccoladonna2006 said...

I'm exploring this site myself, still unsure if i like it or not :)

The Hippie Chick Boutique said...

So far I have no like or dislike towards it. I still have yet to make a solid decision on how I feel about it. I'm still not going to discount it as a potential advertising tool.