New Project Idea

Ok so since i've had children i've always had an issue with losing baby socks in the wash. It frustrates me because I know that when I put a whole pair in and only get one sock back, it makes me curious as to where it went. Sock limbo? hanging out with the other lost clothing items? Well they have those zipper bags that you can throw in the wash to keep things like baby socks and unmentionables together, but i've decided that i'm going to crochet something much cooler. LOL Well...I have an idea lets see if I can execute it :) I'm also thinking of devising something to hold all those shopping bags in my kitchen. I know they sell dispensers for them...but again I want something much more personal :) On another note I was sitting with my youngest daughter Daisy this morning and she just turned 7 months. Well she recently started doing this "kissy" thing lol it's the cutest thing and it looks and sounds like she's making kisses. Guess I'll share a video

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