Finalization of the D Listers Team

So after reading through the threads and convos I had i've compiled a final list of names totaling up to 111 including soulstone and myself. HOLY COW BATMAN! I couldn't believe the overwhelming response of people reaching out to us for help. I left and went grocery shopping around 6 west coast time and got back on the computer at around midnight to check out to see what happened while I was gone and wow. That's all I can really say is WOW! I added approximately 70 names to the list at that point! I want to thank everyone for their interest in the group and I will be posting news as to what will be coming up. As soon as I get an email from Etsy stating that the group is official I will start organizing our first group chat and Q&A session. I will also be opening a team blog and message board so that those of you that are unable to make team chats will be able to participate in Q&A. I'm also considering a mailing list to keep everyone informed of chats, promotions, treasuries etc. If you have interest in anything of that nature let me know. Thanks to everyone!!!!!

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