Inspiration Strikes in a HUGE Way!

So today i'm sitting here participating in forums and out of the blue I come across this post called "Etsy "D" List Blog, for those of us still not selling." So curiosity strikes and I open this thread. To my surprise I find a super nice chick that's in the same boat as I am and she's promoting her "D" list blog. I read through her posts and realize that i'm able to relate to her in many ways. So I start posting away and by the end of this posting session i've made a great Etsy friend and we're going to start a team compiled of fellow Etsians in our same situation. Not to mention i'm going to be taking on the endeavor of starting a Treasury for those same folks to help us all promote and grow. How amazing is this? I'm seriously excited about things to come and i'm feeling really focused and jazzed about this whole idea. So cheers to "A Few of My Favorite Things" Treasury and the band of misfit Etsy sellers we're grouping together as a team! Oh and here's the URL to that wonderful thread that moved me so much!

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